Rubiks cube solution

Layer by layer solution for Rubiks cube

This site presents a layer method for solving Rubiks cube. Once you have mastered this method you’ll be able to solve your Rubiks cube in approximately a minute and a half. The method is easily learnt and can be described as follows:

Layer method for solving Rubiks cube

  • Solve the first layer
  • Solve the second layer, without messing up the first layer
  • olve the third layer, without messing up the first or the second layer

The meaning of the terms first, second and third layer is explained in Layers and illustrated in the image below.

Changes of a cube that is being solved layer by layer

De gray color indicates unsolved parts of the cube.

Solving the first layer

In the image above, the cube second from the left has the first layer solved at the bottom of the cube. Once you start solving your cube you’ll see that you solve the first layer at the top of the cube.

First layer is being solved at the top. Then cube is turned.

The image above shows what really happens . Only after the first layer has been solved you turn your cube so that the first solved layer becomes the bottom layer.

Starting with white

You can see that white is the “starting color”. This choice is arbitrary, any other color could have been chosen instead.

Wanna start solving your cube now?

Then visit First layer solution | Step 1 and start solving.

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Good Luck!